Top Tips to Set Up the Most Festive Holiday Setting

Top Tips to Set Up the Most Festive Holiday Setting

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The holidays are the most beautiful time of the year where families gather to spend time together. It’s also the time of gift-giving and receiving, eating the most delicious dishes, and having that much-needed vacation. So if you’re having your friends and family spend time in your home, you must be ready to cook or buy Christmas dinner for everyone. Plus, you also need to set up an immaculate holiday buffet. The table setting matters a lot because it makes your guests’ mouths water. So here are some tips to remember when your friends and family are about to spend the holidays in your home.

Save Spots Using Post-It Notes

One of the first things you need to do is to save your family member’s spots on the table. You must strategically place them in the locations where they will be able to get a hold of the wonderful dishes you bought or cooked. You can also put them in places where they are near the dishes they love to eat. That way, they won’t have to wrestle with each other just to get a taste of the dish that they have been looking forward to the whole night. It’s a great way to start your Christmas dinner!

Arrange the Main Dishes First

The main dishes are supposed to be the center of the attraction, so you should put them in the middle of your table. It has to be within reach of everyone to have a chance to eat the main dishes. Next, you will want to set up the side dishes around the table. You’ll want your family to be able to get to the main dishes first, and then the side dishes last since they are not the star of the show. For example, the roast beef should be at the center, then your salad rolls and bread should be at the sides.

Remember the Serving Spoons

Every dish, especially the main ones, must have its own serving spoons. You don’t want your guests to have difficulty getting food because they’re using their spoons and forks. Plus, it’s not hygienic for them to use the utensils that have been inside their mouth and then put them in the dishes where everyone is yet to get from. If you don’t want this to happen, you will have to serve every dish you have with a big serving spoon for easy access. It’s easier and cleaner for all of your guests, even if you all have tested negative for COVID-19. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially with the current situation.