Growth and Profits in Weed Delivery Services

Growth and Profits in Weed Delivery Services

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Weed delivery services have popped up in nearly every state. These companies offer the convenience of home delivery for marijuana products, often at a discount, with minimal effort on the customer’s part. And as legalization spreads and recreational marijuana use becomes commonplace across the country, these services will explode in popularity too.


Customers typically pay a monthly fee when ordering from a scarborough weed delivery service and provide their home address. The driver then arms himself with a GPS device that lets him know when he is at the customer’s house so he can make his delivery.


Customers can expect their delivery in about 30 minutes. Most go into stealth mode to avoid detection by law enforcement officials or other residents who may be displeased with the smell of marijuana wafting through their neighborhoods.


But weed delivery drivers likely will not be happy to hear that they are getting less than they bargained for when it comes to delivering weed. In many states and municipalities where marijuana is legal, these services may not be allowed at all. And even where they are allowed, there is evidence that legalization of weed is not necessarily the boon for these companies that it appears to be.


It seems that weed delivery services almost always operate in a legal gray area, which may eventually put them out of business. This could also adversely affect the price of marijuana products since these stores may not always be open and available to consumers.


Additionally, these services are likely to find that the customer base for marijuana is much smaller than they may have anticipated. While marijuana and weed are very similar, many people still fear the illegality of these drugs. And for these individuals, the convenience of delivery is not worth the risk.


In conclusion, weed delivery services may hold some promise for investors, but there is little guarantee that their business plan will succeed.