Common Procedures Offered by SCF Shipping Containers

Common Procedures Offered by SCF Shipping Containers

SCF Shipping Containers

SCF Shipping Containers provides innovative solutions for various industries, including dental. Their specialized container modifications can be customized to meet the specific requirements of dental practices. Here is an instructional guide to standard dental procedures offered by SCF Shipping Containers:

Mobile Dental Clinics:

    • Description: SCF Shipping Containers can transform containers into fully functional mobile dental clinics, allowing dental professionals to offer dental services in remote or underserved areas.
    • Procedure:
      1. Container Selection: Choose a suitable container size and configuration based on the desired clinic layout and equipment requirements.
      2. Customization: Collaborate with SCF’s experts to design the interior layout, ensuring optimal space utilization and integration of dental equipment.
      3. Installation: SCF will install the necessary plumbing, electrical systems, and HVAC to ensure the clinic meets all regulatory requirements.
      4. Equipment Setup: Set up dental chairs, X-ray machines, sterilization equipment, and other necessary dental tools and instruments.
      5. Quality Check: Conduct thorough inspections to ensure all systems function correctly and the clinic meets safety standards.
      6. Delivery and On-site Setup: SCF will deliver the mobile dental clinic to the desired location and provide on-site setup assistance if required.

Dental Laboratories:

    • Description: SCF Shipping Containers can create dedicated dental laboratories within containers, offering a controlled environment for dental technicians to perform their work.
    • Procedure:
      1. Container Customization: Collaborate with SCF to design the container layout, considering the workflow and equipment requirements of the dental laboratory.
      2. Workstation Setup: Install dental workstations, benches, cabinetry, and other necessary equipment to create an efficient and ergonomic workspace.
      3. Plumbing and Electrical Connections: Ensure proper plumbing connections for sinks, water supply, and drainage, as well as electrical connections for equipment and lighting.
      4. Storage and Organization: Incorporate storage solutions for dental materials, tools, and supplies to maintain a neat and organized workspace.
      5. Ventilation and Safety Measures: Install ventilation systems to maintain air quality and ensure compliance with safety regulations.
      6. Final Inspection: Conduct a thorough inspection to verify that all systems function correctly and that the laboratory meets industry standards.
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Dental Equipment Storage:

    • Description: SCF Shipping Containers can provide secure and weather-resistant storage solutions for dental practices to store equipment and supplies.
    • Procedure:
      1. Container Selection: Choose an appropriate container size and configuration based on the amount and type of equipment and supplies to be stored.
      2. Interior Modifications: Customize the container with shelving, racks, and secure storage compartments to optimize space utilization and organization.
      3. Security Features: Install secure locking mechanisms and additional security measures to protect valuable dental equipment.
      4. Climate Control: Consider climate control options, such as insulation and air conditioning, to protect sensitive equipment from temperature and humidity fluctuations.
      5. Delivery and Installation: SCF will deliver the container to the desired location and ensure proper installation for convenient access to stored items.


SCF Shipping Containers offers a range of innovative solutions for dental practices, including mobile dental clinics, dental laboratories, and dental equipment storage. By following the instructional guides provided by SCF, dental professionals can transform shipping containers into fully functional dental facilities or secure storage spaces. These container modifications ensure optimal functionality, regulatory compliance, and efficient workflow within dental practices.