Background Check Services Online

Background Check Services Online

Free extensive background check

This service is available online, and it allows you to quickly and easily get a background check. You can use the service by providing your name and contact information, which will be saved on the site’s database. When you’re ready to make a request, choose a subject that may not have been investigated before. You can also select how far back in time you wish the investigation to go. All of this Free extensive background check information is also included in your request report if your subject needs to use it as part of their file with another company that requires proof of employment history and criminal history checks.

Criminal Record Check

This is another popular solution for finding out more about someone at job interviews or applying for loans or credit cards. This public red flag looks at the person’s public record instead of their current address, so they won’t be able to find out anything unless they’re willing to look through your public records themselves. It takes only minutes for a record search, and you can view the details of your results on the company’s website. There is also a phone number included with every order that you can call for more information or assistance if needed.

Fingerprint Check

This type of check searches your fingerprints against those found on government databases and websites that are designed to prevent crimes over and above the criminal background check you would have gotten through any one of the other services listed here before they could proceed with their search. A few companies offer both fingerprint and other inquiries this way, so depending on what you need it for, you still might be able to find it through them right away.

Smart Credit Check

It’s become very trendy for people who want to buy their first home or refinance their current home to get a credit check that features a company’s proprietary scoring algorithm.