Volleyball – the basic rules to be known

Volleyball – the basic rules to be known

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In the recent days, the number of people showing interest towards volleyball is highly increasing. As this spot will be more interesting than they sound to be many people are coming forward to learn this game. In such case, as the first and foremost thing they must understand the rules and regulations for playing this game. Obviously knowing about the rules of this sport is also more important for the volleyball fans in order to enjoy the matches at the best. Some among the basic rules for playing volley ball are revealed here.


As the first team, knowing about the team formation is more important. A team must have six players and a match will be conducted between two teams. In these six players, three players are supposed to stand in the front and three players should stand in the back. It is to be noted that each side will get a maximum of three hits.

Young football player - common mistakes to avoid


Many beginners tend to get confused between volleyball and throw ball. It is to be noted that in the volley ball, the players are allowed to catch, throw or hold the ball at any extent. In case if they tend to utter these mistakes, they will lose points to the opponent. The other interesting fact about this game is the players can hit the ball with any parts of their body. A player who is inside the foot line is not supposed to block the serve ball at any extent. In case if the serve ball didn’t cross the net, the opponent will get a point. Even if the player crosses the serve line while serving the ball, it will be foul and the point will be added to the opponent.


The position of the players is more important. As mentioned above three players will be in front row and three will be in the back. After the serve, the players in the first row can switch over their positions. Apart from these, knowing about the lines is more important for the players. The players who are highly interested in sports can make of 1xbet for their entertainment.