Methods To Control Bird Pests In An Industrial Set-Up

Methods To Control Bird Pests In An Industrial Set-Up

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For decades industries have been spending millions to clean the mess created by birds and their droppings. The financial impact of this nuisance can be much more expensive than periodic maintenance. When birds roost and nest in industrial facilities, they can cause problems like electric fires, falls and unsanitary surroundings. These are only a few risks that accompany bird pests. Thus, bird control is vital in commercial settings.

Bird droppings can damage your image, erode work equipment and increase the chances of falls and slips that may lead to costly litigations. Birds also carry 60 contagious diseases so shooing them away is necessary to maintain a safe working environment. If not managed on time, bird pests can impose serious health risks and costly settlements.

Importance of bird control in commercial areas

  • Bird dropping is acidic and can cause irreversible damage to equipment, rooftops, walkways and everything made from wood, metal, cement and paint.
  • If birds get stuck in HVAC ducts or trapped in the instruments, they can clog parts and lead to a fire.
  • They can contaminate food products and cause many foodborne diseases.
  • They can spoil your public image.
  • Nesting material may block drains and potentially cause floods
  • Workers may slip on it and get injured.
  • In some industries, bird litter can breach health codes and attract legal action.
  • Birds flying around may distract or annoy workers and customers and lead to lost sales.

Humane ways of controlling bird pest

There are many safe and humane methods by which you can handle bird pest. Although, we would advise hiring a bird control company to avoid all the hassle.


Nets help to keep birds away from unwanted places like gardens and canopies. Netting works as a physical barrier and ensures that no birds litter the area, thus, protecting it from their nuisance.

Shock tracks

Shock tracks may sound like a cruel option but hold effective in keeping birds away. They generate a slight shock when birds come in contact with the surface. The electric shock is light and does not harm the birds. Shock tracks can be secretly laid, glued or nailed to any smooth surface, including ledges, beams, parapet walls and rooflines.

Bird spikes

These effectively create a no-roosting, no-nesting zone for birds. They cause no harm to birds and blend smoothly with the surroundings.

Chemical repellents and flash tape

Movement from the wind and sunlight helps reflecting tape scare off birds.

The longer you avoid this problem and let birds enjoy a free stay, the more they contaminate your facility. It is best to handle this issue as soon as possible and leave it to the professionals.