Know all about the Weed Oakville legalized

Know all about the Weed Oakville legalized

Weed Oakville

Oakville is a beautiful shopping and dining place which has a history in Ontario with preserved storefronts. The Weed Oakville is legalized in Canada. Weed is cannabis which is also known as Marijuana and a psychoactive drug from the cannabis plant. weeds has been used as a drug . Majorly for recreational and medicinal purposes. Cannabis has 65 cannabinoids. these can be used for smoking, vaporizing, food, and extract for medicinal. It is also used for as spiritual purposes. Millions of people use cannabis. It is the most common illegal drug in the world used by most of the adults in different parts of the country.

Age limit:

To purchase the weed any person 19 and older can buy. They can possess and grow recreational cannabis within legal limits.

Purchase capacity:

Only permitted 30 grams of dried recreational cannabis weed can be purchased at one time for personal use.

Weed Oakville


The weed can be used for medicinal or recreational purposes outdoors.
When coming to health issues weed can be used as consumed edible for medical reasons with the disability.

Benefits of the weed:

It is used to treat health issues and eyes control Glaucoma which means reduces eyes vision.
And helps cancer sufferers not completely but with sustainability.

The risk with the weed:

It damages the neurons; it will affect the human body with lots of health issues.


The weed cannabis is medically important, but its negative effects are on people. Most people getting their lives in danger making it more miserable by misusing the weed. They should be precautionary measures awareness and warning through social media channels and newspapers. In school, awareness programs have to be conducted about weed discussions which are negative and positive how it is impacting the body the human life. The proper usage must be taught and with medicinal directions and not to consume related to health issues.