Medina Azahara, Córdoba

Discover exclusive art from the Iberian Peninsula in the Heritage Cities: Al-Andalus. The main examples are to be found in Cordoba and Cáceres. In the first instance, Arabic culture can be seen in many Arab baths and buildings. The Great Mosque of Cordoba is a highlight. The major archaeological site of Medina Azahara is on the outskirts. In turn, Cáceres was the strategic point for the Extremadura Almohads. Today, on a visit to the city you can discover the traditional stone water tank, practically intact, and several defensive towers including the standout Bujaco Tower.

Cáceres From 1142, Cáceres became the main strategic point in Extremadura for the Almohads. Their most important legacy still able to be visited today is the stone water tank and several defensive towers. The tank was originally located inside the citadel. It is believed to be the first in Spain and the second in the world thanks to its preservation. Highlights amongst the towers include Bujaco, thanks to the material used in construction, the masonry and ashlars, as well as El Horno, La Hierba, La Redonda and La Desmochada. Cordoba The city was the capital of Al-Andalus and the main symbol of its importance is the Great Mosque of Cordoba, the third largest in the world. Muslim culture in the city is seen in the many Islamic buildings including the highlights of the baths, in the Caliphate Castle and those of Santa María, the city walls, the Almodóvar Gate, San Juan Minaret and the Madinat Al-Zahra complex located on the outskirts of the city.