5 Events Best to Use Giant Light-Up Letters and Numbers

5 Events Best to Use Giant Light-Up Letters and Numbers

5 Events Best to Use Giant Light-Up Letters and Numbers

Giant illuminated letters and numbers are the latest trend these days in events. They are a must-have additional decor for parties and events of all kinds. They are popular since you can mix up letters and numbers that will not only enhance the aesthetic of your event but also make it a picture-perfect background for photos and videos. So if you want to know when you should hire these giant numbers and letters, then here are 5 good examples for you.

Birthday Parties

This is probably the best time to rent giant light-up numbers and letters. You can use this to represent the celebrant’s age and make it an eye-catching decor addition to the birthday party. These illuminated letters and numbers make the event a luxurious and grandeur feel to it.

Corporate Events

You can also hire light up numbers and letters for corporate events. They can be used to highlight your company’s slogans and mission statements. Giant light-up numbers and letters can make a strong visual impact on the corporate event, boosting your brand identity and getting the message across to your guests. 

Proposal and Engagement Parties

For those who want to make their proposal or engagement parties memorable, then investing in eye-catching decor will surely make a difference. These giant light-up letters and numbers can play a significant role in creating unforgettable moments for you. You can use the letters to spell out heartfelt messages for your loved one. A “MARRY ME” if you are proposing, or “FOREVER” for your engagement party will surely be the best option. 


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Light-up letters and numbers are becoming a huge decor must-have for important events. Weddings are the best events where you can use light-up letters and numbers. This can create a beautiful backdrop for photo ops for you and your guests. These letters will not only add a romantic feel to the venue but can also be your focal point for the event. 

Large-Scale Musical Events

Performing for a huge crowd is an exciting moment for the artist. To make it extra special, why not hire large light-up letters and numbers and place them strategically on stage or around the venue? This can help display the event name, artist/band name, or some thematic words that the audience can relate to. 

Hire Giant Light Up Letters and Numbers for Your Event

If you are an event organizer you can greatly benefit from the giant light-up letters and numbers. Suggest this to your client and show them sample photos and videos where these added decorations are used for similar events. These illuminated letters and numbers will surely give a lasting impression to your clients and their guests.